Thursday, December 27, 2012

People Love Cedar Valley Firearms Training - See for Yourself!

I've spent some time gathering some more feedback from people that have taken the Iowa Basic Pistol course to get their Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons. Here are some of their comments.

"I liked the course. I think it was very well laid out with the different modules focusing on different areas in logical progression. I also liked having the videos and web links, etc. incorporated as well. Far better than just sitting and reading page after page of text! I particularly liked the last module with focus on additional training and resources, as I think this is an extremely important topic and it was good to get some exposure to places to get more info. I bookmarked a lot of the links, so thanks for the effort to put this information together. Overall, I'd have to say I was very pleased with the course, and would definitely recommend to others." -- Randy

"I have found that this course is a lot more in depth than what my friend attended in person. They did not even discuss the Iowa laws there, and while it was challenging for me, I did appreciate taking it over again so that I know I have a basic understanding of how Iowa permit to carry laws are.
At first, I was going to attend a face to face class when they came to town at the end of the month, and although skeptical at first of an online permit to carry class, I decided to do it this route as it fits my schedule better. And I am very happy that I did! All the resources are very valuable and will help ensure that I have received the best training I can get as of now!
I will be sure to pass along a reference to anybody who is looking into obtaining an Iowa permit to carry, as I believe this was the most informative and also the most "bang for the buck" option, even though it was the same cost as a face to face class, but I feel I have learned much more here than I would have there." -- Keegan

"Good job fellow educator! Like the testimonials said (I shopped around before choosing this course) the content was well rounded and not shaped by off-the-wall stories and questions you might hear in a live classroom. (My brother told me about his experience...) I think the videos were very informative. I look forward to getting back to a range to check my grip." -- James

"I found the course to be very informative and thought provoking. The information was very well organized and supported by numerous links and outside resources. Although I have been a hunter and gun enthusiast for many years, I learned a great deal about gun laws, safety, etc. As you state at the beginning of the course, read and study all of the materials. It's well worth the effort." -- Douglas

"I have enjoyed this course and found it very informative and educational.The videos were great.You have done a great job in putting this course together.I found it even better than a sit down class I attended in the past. Thanks for making this course possible." -- Randy

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