Saturday, November 23, 2013

CVFT More than just a BORING video and a certificate...

I get countless emails and posting on forums that ask me why my course is better than the other "cheaper" courses that people can take on the web. The answer is simple. QUALITY! Yes this course cost more, but it is SO much more than just a 30-45 minute video with a 10 question quiz at the end. The Cedar Valley Firearms Training Online Permit to Carry Weapons course has countless resources for each participant that they can take with well beyond any 45 minute video course. Plus I offer bonus material that if you have interest in a particular area, you can venture off on your own. My online class covers the same material that I offer in my face to face classes plus the added benefit of starting and stopping as much as you would like. People with busy schedules LOVE MY ONLINE COURSE! Here's one of those customer's comments.

"Course went smoothly, I do like the fact that I was able to split it into two sessions as I have been very busy.  Overall I see nothing to add to the course.  I really like the suggestions you had in the last module to advance and continue training." Joseph H.

"I enjoyed it overall as it was something I could complete at my own pace.  It was nice to be able to take a break and really think about things for a while.  I think it will help with retention." Lyle D.

So if you're serious about taking an online class to get your Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons, make sure you take it from a REAL course, and not one of the many OUT OF STATE (did I mention all most other online classes are out of state businesses?) SIT AND WATCH THIS BORING VIDEO courses that are out there. I've got TONS of very satisfied customers that were glad that they did take their course from Cedar Valley Firearms Training. Here are some comments from a few more!

"I thought the course was very thorough.  I had a co-worker take the face to face training and we compared our experiences.  I feel like I learned more from the online course taking it at my own speed than what she learned in the 3-4 hours training that she received in person.  I was able to absorb the information and take my time reading and understanding all of the information.  I'm glad that I did the online course instead of attending an in person training." Jennifer T.

"Very informative.  Glad I took your course over the cheaper less informative ones that others I know have taken." Caitlin J.

"I really enjoyed this class.  I'm glad I found a high quality class that I could take online.  I had heard about online classes that only took a few hours to complete and that cost less, but after doing some research, I quickly discovered those classes weren't going to teach me as much.  I took a lot of knowledge away from this class.  I appreciated the videos because it breaks up the reading.  I also enjoyed the link to the article about CCW for women." Carissa O.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CVFT - The ONLINE class that Iowa Sheriffs recommend!

I ask every student how they heard about my online class and it is amazing to me how many of them tell me that they were sent to me BY THEIR SHERIFF! I've had also several sheriffs tell me that they appreciate that I the course that I've developed is much more comprehensive course than the others that are being offered on the web. Sheriffs also LOVE that there is a real person that my students can talk to if they have questions. Sheriffs also LOVE that I also teach IOWA LAW within my course, something that NO OTHER ONLINE COURSE TEACHES!!!! So if you're looking for a course that IS GUARANTEED to be accepted by your sheriff, and that is more than a BORING video, Cedar Valley Firearms Training online course is your ONLY answer!

Monday, July 1, 2013

More satisfied customers!

I get tons of great comments from my customers about my course and here are a few more!

"I felt this was an awesome experience. I have been outdoors hunting/using firearms with my uncle since I was 12 and I thought I knew just about everything there was to know until I started reading the information within the course. I learned a lot of information which I'm very thankful for; to not only continue being safe around firearms, but also keep me out of trouble with the law." -- Austin

"Excellent course.  Objectives were clearly presented at the beginning of each module, information focused on the objectives, and testing questions were directly taken from the teaching materials.  There was a balance between written information and video presentations.  The video was high quality and professionally prepared.  Well worth the time and money!" -- John

"I can honestly say that I was a little skeptical at first about completing my permit to carry course online. Once i did the first module, I saw that I would definitely learn other valuable things from taking this course. I liked watching the videos especially the ones that showed professional shooters and them giving tips on how to improve your accuracy and just their overall advice. Thanks again!" -- Hector

"I really enjoyed the course material and I found it to be very informative and knowledgeable.  Since I am fairly new to the gun world, other than going to the practice range with family members, I took this course to expand my understanding of Iowa’s gun laws and regulations and plan on becoming as avid in the sport as many members of my family are. I can’t wait to join them! Thank you for the great course!" -- Corey

This is just a small example of the positive feedback I receive from people that take my class. And it's not just older or younger folks taking my class. I've had 20 to 70 year olds take it! If you're on the fence about taking my course over others, trust me, you won't be disappointed no matter what your experience is or how old you are.