Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shopping for an Online Iowa Permit to Carry Course? BUYER BEWARE!

It's amazing that over the last 6 months how many other online courses have become available. They offer "discount" pricing and empty promises that their course is being accepted by ALL Iowa Sheriffs. The funny thing about this is that these companies aren't even from Iowa. They don't know Iowans and they CERTAINLY don't know how seriously we take our new law! They don't even know that Iowa does not have a "concealed carry permit", Iowa's permit is a Permit to Carry Weapons. There is a difference! They claim that you can get through their material in 65 minutes, or an hour, but what are they really teaching you? Do you learn about Iowa law? NO!!! Do you learn about concealed carry techniques? NO!!!! Do they give you resources that you can take with you? NO! Do you learn about carry options like...
  • What handgun should I be looking for?
  • What options for carry for women and men are there?
  • What's the best way to conceal a firearm?

When looking for the BEST online Iowa Permit to Carry course option, make sure you take this into consideration! Take your course from Cedar Valley Firearms Training! I'm FROM Iowa, I know Iowa and I offer you MORE FOR YOUR MONEY! Don't believe me? Check out these testimonials from Iowans that have taken my course.