Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why should you get your training from CVFT rather than other online companies?

Remember, you get what you pay for!

So what makes the CVFT Iowa Basic Pistol Course better than all of the other online courses out there? Well I'll tell you!

  1. I'm actually FROM Iowa and understand Iowa law. (not from Virginia or Maryland like the other online courses) I CARE about getting you the right information about our laws.
  2. We actually cover Iowa law in the course. It's the ONLY online class that does! (And you'd better know Iowa law so you don't get caught with a gun where you're not supposed to have it.)
  3. My course covers material about concealed carry techniques for both men and women, the others don't.
  4. My course covers what to look for when buying a handgun.
  5. My course offers printable materials that you can take with you to review.
  6. I make myself available to my students for questions both by email and by phone during and AFTER you take the course. You won't get a person that was hired to just take phone calls but doesn't really know anything about guns and Iowa law on the line when you call like you do with the other online classes. I'm the only one that takes calls for CVFT!
  7. All sheriff's accept my course without question! (Some even recommend it!)
  8. I give my students resources for additional training.
  9. My course takes longer than an hour to complete. Yes, this is a benefit because I actually offer a LOT MORE FOR YOUR MONEY in my course both in information about carrying a weapon and in resources that you can take with you after the course!
  10. I have a TON of very satisfied customers! Don't believe me? Check out the Course Testimonials page!
There are more great reasons to take by course, but honestly, the biggest reason is that I'm here to assist my fellow Iowans get the best online training for their money and CVFT is the ONLY option for that!

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